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What is B12 and MIC?

Aug 31

You know about B12, but what is MIC?


The “M” in MIC Injection, is an essential amino acid, which means that it is not synthesized in humans. This amino acid acts as a lipotropic agent which: assists in the breakdown of fats within the liver; helps to lower cholesterol thereby preventing excess fat buildup in the liver and throughout your body’s circulatory system; is helpful in preventing and relieving fatigue; and is useful in some cases of allergies by virtue of its ability to reduce histamine release.


The “I” in MIC Injection, is a B-vitamin that promotes: the health of cell structures and nerve synapses; aids in the metabolism of fats; helps reduce blood cholesterol; and participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to control mood and appetite.


The “C” in MIC Injection, is an essential nutrient that helps to support the liver in its processing and excretion of chemical waste products. Moreover, it is required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol, which is important for the healthy support of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and hepatic systems.

MIC B12 shots are a non-invasive medical treatment that can help your body burn fat more efficiently.

There are so many new types of shots and injections available that it’s easy to get confused. An MIC B12 shot is not the same as your straight-up B12 shot. A B12 shot is more like a shot of a single alcoholic beverage, whereas an MIC B12 shot is a mixed drink or cocktail made up of various types of alcohol, sodas, and juices.

Each item in the cocktail has its own job and adds its own flair. The B12 in this particular cocktail adds an energy boost that can help you stay motivated, keep your mood up, and keep getting you to the gym. The other components of the MIC B12 shot work in combination to support other components of weight loss.

B12 MIC is a well-known supplement, readily available in capsules or liquids. However, as with all oral supplements, these forms of MIC B12 don’t absorb as quickly or effectively after passing through the body’s digestive system. A MIC B12 injection offers the potency you need because it goes into the bloodstream for maximum absorption and rapid results. A shot also works well for people with digestive issues that prevent them from taking oral supplements. 

The injection is quick, and there’s no downtime associated with the procedure. Some people may have a MIC B12 injection one to two times a week. Your provider can work with you to determine the best schedule for your shots, taking into account your wellness goals and health history. 

Together they metabolize fat cells and assist in the elimination of stored fat deposits in the liver and body, and may encourage fat reduction. MIC B12 shots are known to not only reduce fat, but also possibly increase metabolism.

MIC B12 is a fat burning, liver supporting, energy producing injection that can be used to facilitate weight loss or for general health.  It is generally given as a subcutaneous injection 2-3x per week.